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New friends welcome! Fanworks shall remain public and I'm not going back to flock everything.
PSA: I have turned OFF the My Guests "feature," you will not be stalked here.

100 Drabbles of Summer
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As with EVERY SINGLE TIME I do something like this it will fail completely for all the reasons. But anyway, it's a prompt table and I can gawk at it wistfully. Taken from here, I am as usual bowing out of any possible competativeness ahead of time because that frustrates both me and everyone involved. For reasons.

POSSIBLE CANONS: Tin Man (duh), Once Upon A Time (maybe), Doctor Who (even more maybe), The Good Wife (lol no)

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Wish me monsters.

Writer's Block: LJ's Ongoing Customer Service Fail
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Take a deep breath. Now rant about something.

HA. Ha ha. See, it's funny because LJ made all these changes and so many people are upset about it, so they cleverly made a Writer's Block to mock them.

Only it's not funny. As someone else said, y'all can kindly go step on a Lego.

So yeah. I'm going to finally see about exporting this journal to Dreamwidth and gather up RP journals while I'm at it. Because while the changes are bad enough, the attitude of LJ's staff is downright repellant.

EDIT: and if you want something resembling the old comment pages back, I can offer you this. The only catch is switching your layout to one of the Minimalism ones and turning custom comment pages on. Share and enjoy!

FIC: Unorthodox
tin man - glitch/cain (friends of doroth
Oh look it's a fic!

Title: Unorthodox
Author: kseda
Characters/Pairing: Glitch/Cain
Rating: PG
Word Count: 201
Summary: In which Glitch waits a whole annual to make his move for once, and Cain is stoic.
Notes: Written for tm_challenge's round 20, which involved using a quote. There were only three entries so we all won. Or something.

"No, no, I"m fine, I"m here to seduce you."Collapse )

FIC: Hope Eternal (the director's cut)
tin man - group (miles and miles and)
... :O

Tilte: Hope Eternal
Author: kseda
Rating: G
Characters: DG, Glitch, and Azkadellia
Summary: In which Glitch's pockets are suspiciously generous, DG is suspiciously well-versed in a variation of quarters, Azkadellia is not-so-suspiciously clever, and the rest of the cast is suspiciously absent. Also there are trees.
Notes: A shortened version was submitted for tm_challenge's "spring" challenge and won second place \o/

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bags packed ready to go
A few details from my travels which I have either blocked or just...did not want to deal with explaining. My flight down was HORRIBLE, the aisle in front of me, beside me, and behind me was populated by a group of men traveling together, mostly in their twenties but a couple were older.

From practically the time they boarded to the time we got off in Tampa, everything out of these guys' mouths was either sexist, homophobic, generally rude, and peppered with the kind of language you just DO NOT USE outside of your social circle. (It was even more fun once they were served alcohol - note that this was a 9am, two and a half hour flight, and one of these guys ended up with three of those little bottles of Jim Beam.) And not one person said a damn word to them.

Much to my shame, this included me, but I was too paralyzed by fury and disgust to do anything more than glare, and even THAT was difficult because I did not want to look at them. Never in my life have I been so happy to get off an airplane.

Then on the way home I was treated to the TSA's fun new "pat-down" NOTE: link contains description of humiliating nearly-public groinal investigation, so click at your own risk. Same goes for the cut, where I"m going over my experience which also involves a boob check. Also tl;dr.Collapse )

FINAL NOTE: according to the ACLU they've made this process so horrible because it's the only alternative to the scanner thing. So your choices are either shut up and have your naked picture taken or prepare to be groped. I was lucky enough to experience both. AMERICA, FUCK YEAH.

And I'm leaving this public in case you want to pass it around.

(My flight home was much nicer, there was Direct TV so I finally got to see The Pandorica Opens and an empty seat between me and the guy on the aisle. I got him to give me a fist-bump to celebrate our good fortune.)

Insta-rec, and other things
tin man - glitch (glee)
Tin Man fic, as usual. May's June by lionille. Post-series, gen, with Glitch and the rest of the gang and a lovely OC. I cried, just...go read enjoy!

In other news I am going on a cruise with my mother at the end of October. Wish me luck.

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How it works is I decide that people are done with me. Something happens, there's some breakdown in communication, and I immediately think it's me, that I've been too weird or too out of touch or too SOMETHING and that someone wants to cut me out.

So I save them the trouble and cut them out. This hurts them and gives them an excuse to dump me. Mission accomplished, self-fulfilling prophecy, everyone goes home miserable.

Why? I dunno. I'm just fucked up like that. And I am never going to stop saying how sorry I am.

tin man - glitch/cain (cynacism/optimism
I keep feeling like I need to explain things, AHEM. Early in my fic-writing career I decided what Tin Man fandom REALLY needed was a fake TV show cop-drama AU in Topeka. Then I went and made a fake TV Tropes entry on my vanity fic-verse journal. Hilariously no one discouraged any of this. It would basically be Glitch/Cain/angst, Raw/DG/adorkability, and Az/Airofday/hotness, and for a while it was all of these things and amazing. Aaaand then I forgot how to write.

Anyway. With all this Prop 8 stuff going on (despite this evening's update), I feel the need for some horrible, sappy, cliche stuff that I HAD promised myself I would never, ever write. This is season six or seven and is fraught with my own wishful thinking of where we'll be in a few years. I give you The (Very Brief) Bit With The Proposal.

"What the hell"s in Iowa? Besides more corn."Collapse )

Classier to do this today rather than tomorrow
obama - sunflower wat
So President Obama is not going to be at Arlington on Memorial Day, instead he will be visiting another veteran's cemetery in Illinois. He is going to be in Illinois because he and his family are going back to Chicago for the first time since February 2009. Vice President Biden will be handling ceremonies at Arlington in his stead.

This is apparently a horrible, horrible thing and further proof that Obama hates America and especially our troops. Or something. Unsurprisingly, I don't buy it.

Behold counterarguments!Collapse )

In conclusion, have a Snopes article debunking a lot of this, and as we all know Snopes is the most trusted name on the internet. FACT IT.

Also re: my current music - holy GOD failing infrastructure will kill us all =O