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wishfulaces wrote a ship_manifesto for Eight 'n Fitz, and I about imploded throughout. And then got referenced in the "thank you"s, which made me implode all over again and go over everything on my Fitz tag and get all nostalgic.

It's not fair. ::pouts and kicks things:: I want more quasi-canon. Which means I should probably just write fic.

ETA: "An Ode to Fitz," by Rufus T. Firefly on rec.arts.drwho back in '00

Fitz, Fitz,
The lovable schnook,
His girlfriend dies
In every book.

Fitz, Fitz,
A good musician,
He'll take abuse
On every mission.

Let's kill his mom,
Let's watch him bolt,
He'll be brainwashed,
And put in a cult,

Fitz trries to be dashing,
He tries to be cool,
Just for that we're gonna
make him our tool.

Fitz has been a Nazi,
Fitz has been a clerk,
Let's mutate him into
An old Faction jerk

And fix it so Fitz
Is not who he thinks,
But just a bad xerox
That walks, talks, and blinks.

Then just for a laugh,
We'll give him a rest,
He'll think that at last,
It turned out for the best,

But wait! It's the Matrix!
And it didn't happen.
So ha-ha, dear Kreiner,
you've taken ze krappen.

He's got to be pissed,
His heart's always broken,
But what can he do?
He'll just keep on jokin'

We put this poor guy
Through all sorts of Hell,
Because Fitz is just us,
And we punish ourselves.

Rufus T. Firefly 20/7/00